Rootcausing Acne When Skincare Isn’t Enough

Today’s story of patience and persistence comes from Seema (@seemakazi) who opens up about her long journey with acne. Many many eye openers here and how her persistence is paying off as her skin clears slowly but surely. * applause *

acnemantra-success-storyHi All,

My Name is Seema. I have been battling with acne since over 10 years now.

Believe me when I say I really had no acne during teenage…yes I didn’t and my friends used to actually compliment me for my skin while they were suffering from those teenage acne bouts. Lucky me isn’t it? Not for long.

I started with mild acne after I left college and starting working. Thought this is all due to pollution and eating outs, so ignored it. But after my marriage things turned all upside down, I broke out horribly.

I visited dozens of dermatologists but same results, worked for a while but then again back to square one. I have tried so many OTC, prescription creams and antibiotics, all our home remedies, herbal things then our famous Proactiv but nothing worked for long.

Few days were good but few worse than those. I become a mother and things got worse. Firstly I had no time to tackle my acne issues with the arrival of kid who needed me 24/7 and secondly as time passed by I thought I have to live with this.

I hated to watch myself in the mirror. Yes you could say I was depressed. I had that big cystic acne all over my face which was always there and then those acne marks.

Once when I visited my gynecologist for some other issue she asked me to get a thyroid test and it came positive. I am sure by now you guys know how Thyroid can create havoc with your hormones and I was not spared. I started off with Eltroxin 50mcg.

I was a bit happy as things started improving. I still had acne but I noticed a bit reduction in them. But this too didn’t continue for long.

After around six months the condition worsens. I still got that cystic acne and believe me I left hope. This continued for a long time and then I bumped into a miracle called Acne Mantra. Yes I can call it a miracle for me because it’s really been one.

I read so many articles and posts here and realized a few mistakes I was making by using those useless comedogenic products. I replaced a few products and tweaked my regime. I bothered Sonal with so many questions and she has been a gem to answer those all.

But guys wait the story does not end here. In spite of following a strict regime I was still not able to get over these demons. That is where Sonal consistently advised me to figure out the underlying cause. It was only after she probed me further that I took things seriously.

First I consulted my family doctor for my thyroid and it seemed that things were pretty much under control. But recently I started observing few symptoms like hair fall, tiredness, forgetfulness, body pain etc. And I was just running behind trying to figure out why I am getting these breakouts still.

Recently I went to a proper Endocrinologist who specializes in Thyroid and PCOS. And she asked me do couple of blood tests related to Thyroid as well as PCOS and ultrasound too.

And guess what it all came as a surprise. I have severe thyroid and the dose which I was taking for thyroid was not sufficient. I have also been tested positive with PCOS.

And also to mention I have deficiency of almost all the vitamins. I have started a proper treatment now. I have been asked to get D3 & B12 shots for 6 weeks (once a week each) plus other multivitamins.

Point here is not to bore everyone with my long story but I just want to convey that please please don’t ignore any symptoms which your body is trying to tell you. Especially we females just ignore these things sometimes when it comes to our health but all I would say is our health is most important.

I have been lucky enough to land on Acne Mantra to actually think this way and plus now am happy to get this doctor. She really explained me everything so well.

Since this is running into a very long post I will do one more post with details about my doctor, which test I did, what was the results and the treatment prescribed and my progress so far. All I can say is am happy so far, the acne is going yes u heard it right…see u soon. Read part II of this story for the exact medical tests Seema underwent and what treatment cleared her skin.

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