Sefpil Cream Clears Dark Spots – Review & Caveat

Today’s post comes from dear Silpa (@silpa-abhilash) who shares her review of Sefpil cream by Ethicare Remedies. Did it work to lighten dark spots? Yes, yes and yes but you need to know the caveat. * applause *

Hello! Today I would like to review a product which have been discussed a lot here 🙂 Sefpil by Ethicare Remedies. One of its key ingredients is mandelic acid. So let’s first see  what is madelic acid and also how it helps.

Mandelic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) named after a German mandel (almond) and derived from the hydrolysis of an extract of bitter almonds helps in treating common skin problems such as photoaging, irregular pigmentation, and acne.  Studies have shown that mandelic acid is useful in suppressing pigmentation, treating inflammatory non-cystic acne, and rejuvenating photoaged skin. Moreover it has proven useful in preparing the skin for laser peeling and in helping the skin heal after laser surgery.

What the company says about Sefpil

Ethicare Remedies Sefpil cream reviewNow, with a more stable more spreadable base efficacy of AHAs without irritation.

In cosmeto-surgical procedures

1. Pre & Post peel for priming

2. Pre & Post Laser resurfacing

3. Pre & Post microdermabrasion

The price is Rs. 171 for a tube.


In medical conditions

  1. Melasma, Post acne black spot,
  2. Frackles, Acne – mild to moderate, Ageing
  3. photo ageing, Wrinkles, Dermal melasma

Key ingredients

Mandelic acid    10%

Glycolic acid  5%

Toco Pheryl Acetate 0 .25%

D phanthenol 0.25%

Silicon oil 01 %

Now Tocopheryl Acetate is nothing but vitamin E and  D phanthenol is pro vitamin B5.

How I use it

Sefpil is white in color and has a very heavy cream base. I have extremely sensitive  oily and acne prone akin. And now that I am staying in a super humid place my face is even more oilier . So the first time I used it I thought  its going to break me out for sure.

I applied  the cream all over my face and the next day  morning – well no break outs. 🙂  It has been more than three weeks and so far no break outs at all.

Does Sefpil work?

In first two weeks itself I found that the scars have lightened by two shades. So yes its definitely working. It has been three weeks and I can safely say that my scars are a lot lighter.


Yet, I have mixed feeling about this. It made my skin very very sensitive.  I used a hair removing cream on my upper lip area (I have been doing that for a while  now)  and within a second It started burning. Real bad , so I washed it off and but the damage was already done. It left a super ugly dark mark over my entire up lip area.

On the brighter side , I started  using Sefpil there too and in a week that’s almost gone 😛 ( I think  if you are using any glycolic acid cream you should not bleach or use hair removing cream)

I feel my skin is so sensitive even my own tears sting my face. :angry:

And another thing is it has made my face kind of dull and little darker. I am  not sure if it is because I was little lazy in using the sunscreen at times.

Now, I would say you can use this but you have to be careful . Ensure you always step out ONLY I REPEAT only after you apply sunscreen. Make sure your face is covered like maybe use a dupatta . Avoid bleaching , hair removing cream while using Sefpil.

I would say use Sefpil , and once the scars are lighter then stop using it and replace it with a good night cream like Kaya.

Also it will cause dryness and peeling. Though I had no major peeling kinds, it was still there .

Hope this helped 🙂

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