Skingredients: Now Check Ingredients While Browsing

Acnemantra recently launched a revolutionary smartphone app that can help you spot pimple causing products before you buy them. This is first of a kind innovation in the whole wide world of cosmetics in general and acne in particular. It helps you know if a cosmetic ingredient in the product you are about to buy in the store is likely to cause acne or not.

You have seen it, you have installed it, you have loved it and we have received mails telling us how good and useful it is proving to be for many of the readers. Today, we added another feature to this app that helps decision making about the product while you are researching about it on the internet.

So you came across this great product and are reading about it on your android phone/tablet. And as a discerning buyer you are well aware that you should not judge a product by its cover or bottle. You Google its ingredients. And you find them! Well, now you can know if it will cause you pimples right at this stage. Here is how:

  1. Select the ingredients list (like in picture 1). How to select: press and hold anywhere on ingredients and you will see two handles at the start and end of the word you pressed on. You can move these handles to cover the entire list.
  2. Once you have the selection, press the Share button (the one highlighted in blue in the top bar in picture 1). The button icon and location may vary from one android version to another. In older versions, you might need to press the menu key to see it.
  3. You will see Skingredients listed in the share dialog that pops up (picture 2). Select it.
  4. Voila! You will know if there are any pimple causing ingredients (picture 3). You can save this for your reference by clicking the Save Product button at the bottom.

You may select the ingredients list from anywhere on your device – browser, email, sms, notes applications, social apps etc. and Skingredients will help you know the ingredients better.

The update was launched today and you should get it in your device soon. Else can also get the app and updates from here.

Like it? We are eager to hear your experience with Skingredients. And don’t forget to spread the word.

ingredients-selected   share-to-skingredients   ingredients-result


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