Chronic Acne of 30 Years Gone: A Starter Regimen Success Story

You know those people with acne who say they have “tried everything” and “nothing works”? Well, today’s success story comes from a man who really had tried everything available on the shelves and really, nothing had worked. For nearly 3 decades …

Until he came across the Starter Regimen.

It has been very kind of Suresh (@ssureshbabu68) to share his journey and experiences with us and I’m so grateful for that. * salute *

Acne Mantra Starter Regimen reviewHi Guys,

I would like to share my success story about using the Acne Mantra Starter Regimen.

First about my skin condition….

I am a middle-aged man and suffering from acne since my teen years. Though acne was persistently present but I was not really bothered as it was very few and I had accepted it as a fate and went on with my life.

Due to my professional commitments I had to be out in the sun travelling all across the country. I was then not using any sunscreen and had severe tanning along with acne.

Then I started visiting my dermatologist 4-5 years back. He put me on to Doxy-1 antibiotic, Adapalene and Benzoyl Peroxide gel, Azac soap, UV Avo sunscreen and this continued for many years.

There was temporary relief, acne was disappearing but coming back again with full vengeance. Though tanning was completely gone. My dermatologist changed the prescription and put me on different antibiotics with Crixan gel, but the net result was the same.

Few months back I changed my doctor and consulted a reputed dermatologist. He was a medical practitioner retired from a reputed hospital. He prescribed Mzith and Mbest antibiotics to be taken for a month along with different set of ointments and Dermadew soap. But acne was still winning the battle.

My skin was oily since the teen years and now it had become super oily.

During some festival time I had visited Fabindia showroom to buy some garments and I saw lot of their skin care products catering to every needs arranged in an awesome manner. I was hooked to their cosmetics and started using their products like clove gel, Vitamin E de-pigmentation cream, tea tree toner, tea tree soap, sesame oil based hair oil, etc., but had severe breakout.

By now I was totally hooked to herbal products and then migrated to Biotique brand which was also not very helpful to my acne prone oily skin. Though my wife vouches for it. She is a big fan of Biotique products and is using them till date.

During my shopping at a Health & Glow store, a sales woman brain washed me and praised lot about Lotus Herbals products and made me buy all their products viz., Acnegel, Alphamoist, tea tree clarifying mask and SPF30 sunblock and lo my experimentation continued. But this brand was also proved failure to me.

Maybe my product selection was bad. ( Though I have started using their 3-in-1 Mattelook SPF40 Sunblock after reading reviews on Acne Mantra which is now my HG sunscreen).

My Saviour………

When I was surfing for suggestion on clearing acne on Google, I visited and other websites. Then I chanced upon Acne Mantra. From the first reading itself I was hooked to this website.

After going through the success story of Teju Priya and other members I started my Starter Regimen.

First week of its usage nothing much happened still my face was super oily and few cystic acne was still present, were very big and painful. Started using Ahaglow during daytime. I applied it on acne and kept it for 1 – 2 hours and then washed it off.

Consulted an ayurvedic doctor for taking Biadyanath Raktashodhak bati as I had already read about it on AM. My doctor told that it is very safe and no side effects and suggested to take 2 tablets daily 1-0-1. After two weeks of its usage oil is controlled and after 3 weeks of my regimen almost all my acne is cleared though there are some dark spots leftover. Since I am using Kaya Pigmentation Reducer gel I am pretty sure that it would lighten away.

I am more than happy since I have no more bumps on my face now.

My only advice to all my friends here is that even though a few products are costly in the Starter Regimen it is really worth trying. Do not treat those as liability and treat it as an investment which definitely gives assured returns over time.

Two more points before finishing. I have downloaded Skingredients Android App to my smartphone and O Boy! such an amazing tool.

Regarding daily shaving I am strictly following the shaving tips per AM suggestion. I have still not added any shaving cream or an aftershave as yet to my regimen. I don’t have the courage to use it for fear of breakouts. I will continue following Acne Mantra suggestions till such time as AM finds out a non-comedogenic shaving cream and aftershave.

I take this opportunity to thank AM for starting such an awesome website and Teju for all her inspirations.

Keep it Up!

If this has inspired you to share your own story of success or ongoing struggle with acne, or experiences with products (good or bad), read more here.

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