From Pimples to Dimples: A Starter Regimen Success Story

Today’s success story comes from our community member clearskin. This is no ordinary success story. This story will tug at your heart. Narrated with absolute candour and funny bits thrown in, you will wonder whether to laugh at the irony of the situation or to weep at the gravity of the problem.

It all ends well though, as our heroine emerges victorious with clear skin – a name that suits her to the T now. 🙂 * applause *

DIMPLES have always enchanted me. As a kid, I used to pray hard and poke my face deep with a match-stick so that I could get lovely dimples just like my father and younger sister.

At the onset of my teenage, I was crazy for any Tom *ick and Harry with dimpled-cheeks. SRK lovers would know – Agar kisi cheez ko poore dil se chaho toh puri kayanat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai. Guys it’s true, it happened with me..but with a slight TYPO.

My request of “gimme deep dimples” was perceived by God as “gimme deep pimples”.

I was blessed with pimples at the baali-umar of 14 and it stayed with me through every thick and thin like a jigri-dost.

I studied in a boarding school. Everyone there would tease me, “Mera dimple..tera pimple”… and I would note their names in my personal diary praying, “God please give them big-boils all o’er their face”.

acne mantra regimen reviewSeriously, the pimple problem affected me a lot. Not only did it give my nasty school-mates a chance to tease me, but also hindered my self-confidence. I hated looking in the mirror. Acne was a common problem at my paternal side. My family said that it will go away with age and my skin will clear-up gradually. That never happened!

I undertook many treatments – you name it and I have taken it – with short-lived.. in some cases.. aggravating results. In my 20’s the acne problem spread from my face to my back and chest as well. It was too much to take.

Finally I decided to take a costly acne-treatment package at Mumbai from a reputed skin doctor. It was a 9-10 month long treatment which consisted of peeling, laser, spot treatment and strong oral medications. Oral medication consisted of Isotretinoin and another tablet (which I don’t remember now).

The package did help me majorly to reduce acne. I saw positive results for 1 year (it came with many side-effects of Isotretinoin). But after that…acne started getting back to be like a jilted lover!

I kept taking Isotretinoin intermittently (my doctor said that it is okay to take it till the time I don’t plan a family).

I experimented with so many products and home remedies to help myself… with zero outcome. I found myself losing big-time in this battlefield and had given up completely!

God ke ghar me der hai…andher nahi! July 2013… Acne Mantra enters the scene. * drum roll *

I was searching for some non-comedogenic foundation..when I came across AM. First impression was waaaooo….so much of relevant information. Second was….SO MANY people are suffering just like me! I started with asking basic questions on the site and was impressed with the quick responses given by AM and our class monitor Tejupriya!

Bit skeptical..I stopped the oral dose of Isotretinoin and purchased a few of the products recommended in the Starter Regimen. Was not in for expensive products. However I started the following regimen.

Himalaya facewash in morning followed by Neutrogena Ultra-sheer Dry Touch sunblock and Maybelline clearglow bb cream. Full day indoor at office. Clean and Clear facewash at night followed by AHA Glow and Avene Diacneal Cream.

Within 2 days, this resulted in some burn kind-of brown spots at several places on my face. I was horrified. I wrote to AM and was suggested to immediately stop AHA Glow and Avene Diacneal Cream and detox my face. This time I decided to follow the Starter Regimen to the letter instead of a makeshift version of it.

For a week, I went sans makeup with only a facewash and a moisturizer. I used Himalaya Facewash and bought Neutrogena Moisturizer (Oil Free) since my skin was very dry. This healed the marks.

In the second week, when all the ugly marks were off my face, I started using AHA Glow and Diacneal on alternate nights. I went through many posts and queries on AM and decided to be very careful with the products I use on my face. Downloaded the Acne Mantra Android App and bought Suncote Gel Suncreen and Kaya Skin Clinic Pigmentation Reducer Gel for fading marks.

My new regimen was – Himalaya facewash in the morning. Then Suncote and 15 minutes later Maybelline Clearglow BB Cream. Evening – Himalaya facewash followed by AHA Glow. Light application of Diacneal all over face.

With less than a month my age-old acne problem was gone…gone with the wind! Unbelievable!

There aren’t new beakouts.

During my regimen I eliminated Neutrogena Ultra-sheer Dry Touch sunblock completely. Maybelline Clearglow BB Cream does fine for me.. still I have bought Chambor Sheer Delight Ultra Matt Foundation and will stick to this from now on since it is recommended by AM. I also dab some Street Wear All Day Compact when my skin gets very shiny.

Would like to thank AM, Teju and community members whole-heartedly. You have “been there” in true sense and helped me fight with one of the biggest worries of my life.

AM is a savior and a real ally. I am so happy that I found YOU. Tum mujhe kyun nahin mile pehle??? Tell tell..bolo bolo!

Send in your story of success or ongoing struggle and experiences with products (good or bad) to

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