10+ Vitamins & Supplements for Acne in India & Where to Buy

vitamins capsules supplements for acne in India

supplements for acne in India

This post is about supplements or vitamins for acne in India. If you have been considering taking vitamins / supplements for acne, this post will help you locate the brands selling such supplements in India.

Do supplements for acne work?

Dietary supplements can make a drastic difference in the treatment and prevention of acne. The same supplements will not work for everyone, so you have to experiment a little and see which ones work for you. If you are deficient in any vitamin or minerals (e.g. vitamin D deficiency in India is pretty common), then supplementing can make a huge difference, sometimes completely clearing up the skin.

In the coming weeks, I will be posting more information about each of these supplements for acne, but if you already know what supplement you want to use, this post will tell you where to buy them in India.

Some of these supplements have a warning on the pack that says you need a doctor’s prescription to buy them. It is true that even dietary supplements in overdose or taken when not necessary can cause harmful side-effects. I don’t know how much to heed to this warning given that you can buy much higher doses of these vitamins and supplements from the newly spreading Vitamin Shoppe and GNC stores and online from and without a prescription. That kind of makes the prescription-only warning on Indian supplements ineffective, doesn’t it?

Imported vitamins and supplements are mighty expensive compared to Indian versions, as you will see in the chart below.

Disclaimer:  this post is merely information about what brands in India sell supplements considered helpful. Go ahead and use them if you know what you are doing.  If you are unsure about the safety of using any of these supplements / vitamins, consult a doctor.

See this post for a list of herbal and ayurvedic supplements for acne.

Vitamins / Supplements / Capsules / Tablets for acne in India

Supplements Where to buy them
Vitamin A

Adexolin capsules available at medical stores. Ingredients vitamin A 5000 IU, vitamin D3 400 IU. Adexolin price Rs. 1.7 for 10 capsules.
Supradyn ingredients: vitamin A acetate 10000 IU, vitamin D3 1000 IU, thiamine mononitrate 10 mg, riboflavine 10 mg, vitamin B6 3 mg, vitamin B12 15 mcg, nicotinamide 100 mg, calcium pantothenate 16.3 mg, ascorbic acid 150 mg, vitamin E acetate 25 mg, biotin 0.25 mg, tribasic calcium phosphate 129 mg, magnesium oxide light 60 mg, Dried ferrous sulphate 32.04 mg, manganese sulphate monohydrate 2.03 mg, phosphorus 25.8 mg, copper sulphate 3.39 mg, zinc sulphate 2.2 mg, sodium molybdate dihydrate 0.25 mg, sodium borate 0.88 mg
price Rs. 17.07 for 15 capsules
Oxidon capsules ingredients vitamin A 5000 IU, vitamin E 25 mg, vitamin C 150 mg, copper 1 mg, manganese 1.5 mg, zinc 7.5 mg, selenium 150 mcg. Oxidon capsules price Rs. 39.52 for 10 capsules. Available at medical stores.
Sharkovit syrup contains vitamin A 4500 IU, vitamin D 540 IU/5 ml. Sharkovit price Rs. 12.59 for 280 ml. Available at medical stores.
Ace-Ex capsules ingredients vitamin A 5000 IU, vitamin C 75 mg, vitamin E 5 mg, zinc 40 mg, selenium 48 mcg, copper 2 mg. Ace-Ex price Rs. 61.5 for 30 capsules.
Vitamin Shoppe Vitamin Shoppe Dry Non-Oily A & D (10000 IU vitamin A, 200 IU vitamin D3) Rs. 599 for 100 capsules available from
Vitamin B5
Zevit (calcium pantothenate 50 mg) Zevit price Rs. 31.65 for 30 capsules available at medical stores
Zincovit capsules (zinc 22 mg) Zincovit price Rs. 75 for 15 capsules available at medical stores
Vitamin Shoppe Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5) 500 mg available at at Rs. 999 for 100 tablets
Vitamin D3
D3Up sachets price Rs. 21 per sachet available at medical stores. Each D3Up sachet contains 60,000 IU of cholecalciferol which is a pretty high dose of Vitamin D. Other sachet options are Calcikind, Calibest, Dboost, Devita with the same amount of vitamin D3 (cholecaliferol).
Vitamin Shoppe Vitamin D3 drops and capsules available at
Vitamin E
Evion 200 mg, 400 mg, 600 mg by Merck Limited available at medical stores
Evion 200 mg price Rs. 9.14 for 10 capsules
Evion 400 mg price Rs. 15.52 for 10 capsules
Evion 600 mg price Rs. 83.7 for 30 capsules
Zenith Nutrition Vitamin E 200 mg price Rs. 450 for 100 capsules. Available at
Becosules-Z (41.4 mg elemental zinc) price Rs. 16.69 for 15 capsules available at medical stores
Zevit (41.4 mg zinc) price Rs. 31.65 for 30 capsules available at medical stores
Vitamin Shoppe Zinc 50 mg from online websites such as
Read about many more zinc supplements in India here.
Zinc, chromium, selenium combination Cobadex-CZS price Rs. 44.75 for 15 capsules. Cobadex-CZS contains chromium picolinate 250 mcg, Elemental selenium 100 mcg, zinc sulphate monohydrate 61.8 mg. Cobadex-CZS is available at medical stores.
Evening Primrose Oil Primosa capsules manufactured by Universal Medicare Limited available at medical stores. Primosa capsules contains Evening Primrose Oil. Primosa 500 mg price Rs. 128 for 15 capsules, Primosa 1000 mg price Rs. 191.49 for 15 capsules
Prebiotics / Probiotics Bifilac capsules price Rs. 86.48 for 10 capsules available at medical stores. Bifiliac contains streptococcus faecalis 30 million cells, lactobacillus 50 million cells, clostridium butyricum 2 million cells, bacillus mesentericus 1 million cells
Sulphur Baidyanath Rakta Shodhak Bati tablets available at ayurvedic / homeopathic medical stores at Rs. 105 for 50 tablets.Read about other sulphur supplements here.
Cod Liver oil / fish oil (see comments for background) Sharkovit syrup (not sure but it sounds like Shark liver oil which is considered good for acne)
Spirulina Spirulina is controversial for acne, some people say it helped immensely with hormonal acne, others diss it totally saying it caused more acne. (will update after more research)

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