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dermaflage acne scars after

Dermaflage a Miracle Product for Pitted Scars

Today’s post comes from Keep Calm (@keepcalmandcureacne) who will first make you laugh (with her histrionics) and then make you cry (with profound perspective). When you’ve got your Bollywood emotional fix, she will cheer you up with a miracle product for covering deep acne scars. * applause * Hello Acnemantris 😀 (THIS IS NOT A […]

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remove dark marks from acne

7+ Herbal / Ayurvedic Pimple Marks Creams

This is a list of natural pimple marks and acne scar removal creams in the Indian market. These claim to be herbal / Ayurvedic pimple marks and acne scar treatment formulas using herbal / Ayurvedic active ingredients. These herbal creams are for treatment of acne scars and dark pimple marks left after a pimple. See […]

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remove dark marks from acne

CPP Process to Get Rid of Dark Spots Fast

How do you get rid of dark spots from acne? Even as a pimple heals, it leaves behind a reddish or brown spot. This dark mark, which is more deeply coloured than the surrounding skin, is called Post-Inflammatory Hyper pigmentation or PIH in short. These dark marks from acne can stay on the skin for […]

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men get worse acne scars than women

Why Men Get Worse Acne Scars Than Women

Having suspected this for a long time, today I went digging into research to see if men really get deeper and worse acne scars than women. But first some background. Scars form when the lower, thicker layer of the skin called dermis is damaged. To repair the damage, the body forms new collagen fibers resulting […]

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laser treatment for acne in India

Laser Treatment for Acne in India

Laser therapy is a relatively recent technique for treatment of acne. In this post, we are going to look at laser treatment for acne in India, its cost and safety profile. What is laser treatment for acne Laser treatment involves running a laser beam over acne prone areas to destroy the bacteria that causes acne […]

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