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New AHAGlow face wash gel review

AHAGlow Face Wash Gel Review (New Yellow Tube)

This is a review of AHAGlow Skin Rejuvenating Face Wash Gel made by Torrent Pharma. We’re talking about the new AHAGlow that comes in yellow tube packaging instead of the blue (older) one. The price of AHAGlow gel is Rs. 199 for 100 gm. Community member Nairita brought to our attention that AHAGlow now comes in a […]

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AHAGlow Skin Rejuvinating Face Wash Gel Review

AHAGlow is one of the very few face wash options in India that have AHA. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) exfoliate the skin, keeping skin pores unclogged, thereby preventing acne breakouts. AHAglow has 1% AHA, which is good enough for daily maintenance of acne if you are using other acne treatments alongside. Because of its exfoliation […]

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