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concealer makeup tutorial for men to conceal acne in India

Makeup Tutorial for Men to Cover Dark Acne Marks

This is a makeup tutorial for men to hide acne marks using makeup products available in India. Men can use this video makeup tutorial to learn how to cover individual spots or a larger area of the face with concealer. If you are unsure about men using makeup, check out 10 reasons why and why […]

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makeup for men hide acne scars

Can Men Use Makeup to Hide Acne Scars?

It is no secret that world’s top businessmen and male politicians use makeup to look awake, hide under eye circles, dark patches and tiredness. Makeup is not just for movie stars. But is the regular Indian guy, who doesn’t have to face the camera, ready for introducing makeup in his daily routine? What if there […]

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remove dark marks from acne

CPP Process to Get Rid of Dark Spots Fast

How do you get rid of dark spots from acne? Even as a pimple heals, it leaves behind a reddish or brown spot. This dark mark, which is more deeply coloured than the surrounding skin, is called Post-Inflammatory Hyper pigmentation or PIH in short. These dark marks from acne can stay on the skin for […]

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Acne pimple cream for treatment of acne

Yugard Cream Review

Yugard by Ranbaxy is often prescribed by dermatologists for acne scars, hyper pigmentation caused by sun damage and as an anti-aging cream for wrinkles. In this review of Yugard cream, we are going to look at some of the common questions about its use and safety. Yugard cream composition / ingredients Yugard contains 0.15% retinol in […]

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Fairness creams for oily skin

7+ Best Fairness Creams for Oily Skin in India

It is not easy to find a fairness cream for oily / acne prone skin despite the Indian market being flooded with them. Almost every brand is making a fairness cream and slapping an “all skin types” label on it. The goal of this post is to compile a list of possibly non-comedogenic fairness creams for men […]

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