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Story of fight with acne

My Fight with Acne [Community Contribution]

This heart-warming and candid story of her battles with acne comes from our community member Sai Sandhya. Her story is of hope, and knowing that it is never too late to beat acne at its game.  You can find Sai Sandhya regularly in the community area. Reach out to her especially if you have questions […]

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Good skin care habits for acne prone skin

Tejupriya’s Tips for Acne

These tips come from our community member Tejupriya. Most of us know her from her quick and efficient replies to our comments and questions. 🙂 She shared these tips in the community section. This much information makes a whole post on its own. * applause * hi are few pointers for ACNE.. 1-Don’t pop […]

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