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honey as face wash

My Experience Using Honey as Face Wash

Lately, I’ve been looking to switch to a gentle face wash for my morning cleansing. It has to pass every test on my little requirements list: 😉 non-comedogenic (duh) very mild skin pH friendly no parabens no skin irritating chemicals decent cleansing no synthetic fragrance or colouring easily available inexpensive / moderately priced non-drying should not […]

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how to use ice on a pimple

4 Cool Ways to Reduce Redness of a Pimple

If you can’t stop a pimple from coming, freezing it is the next best thing to do. While ice is the most common way of freezing, there are other ways of cooling them off. First, a confession about the post title. The methods we are going to see are not exactly cool. They are cool-ing, […]

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sulphur cream for pimples in india

Sulphur a Holy Cure for Acne

Known as gandhak in the vedas, sulphur, a natural mineral, has been used in skin care for ages. The healing powers of holy rivers such as the Ganges are often attributed to plentiful deposits of sulphur. Sulphur does not disappoint when it comes to acne prone skin. It is not a popular acne treatment, but is a […]

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fabindia clove acne cream review

Fabindia: A Landmine of Acne Bombs

When it comes to acne prone skin, Fabindia doesn’t “get it”. Yet they continue to pass off highly comedogenic products as acne treatments. Read this extensive review from our community member Tejupriya whose acne was elevated to never-seen-before highs thanks to Fabindia products. She is not the first victim. People from all walks of life report […]

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green tea for acne

Green Tea for Acne & Indian Green Tea Brands

This post about benefits of green tea for acne comes from our community member Tejupriya. She has also listed green tea brands, skin care products and supplements available in the Indian market. * applause * Green tea has been around forever and has been shown to minimize the risk of many health conditions including heart […]

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biotique morning nectar acne

Are Your Herbal Products Really Herbal?

Herbal and ayurvedic skin care remedies have taken the Indian market by storm. We somehow feel safer using “chemical-free” herbal products. Many people stick to herbal brands like Himalaya Herbals, Lotus Herbals or Biotique and do not use chemical or English brands such as Neutrogena or Sebamed. Many of these people have been trying unsuccessfully […]

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