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Rootcausing Acne When Skincare Isn’t Enough

Today’s story of patience and persistence comes from Seema (@seemakazi) who opens up about her long journey with acne. Many many eye openers here and how her persistence is paying off as her skin clears slowly but surely. * applause * Hi All, My Name is Seema. I have been battling with acne since over 10 years now. Believe […]

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how to cure thyroid acne

Thyroid, Acne and My Hyperthyroidism Story

This informative post comes from our community member Tejupriya. She talks about how thyroid issues can bring about acne outbursts and how important it is to get tested and treated in a timely manner. * applause * Hi I am Tejupriya . This article I will be discussing how Thyroidism affects acne along with other […]

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