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Ruth Crilly model acne

The Case of a Supermodel, a Doctor, Milk and Acne

We’ve already seen the research behind milk and acne and various products that contain milk. If research didn’t convince you to suspect milk as a cause of your acne, maybe these 2 people will? Coming from two diverse backgrounds – one whose skin MUST be pore-perfect under the harsh glare of camera and lighting. Another, an […]

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does milk cause acne

30 Day Milk Challenge for Hormonal Acne

Going without dairy products is almost unheard of in India – we just can’t do without our milky teas and malai paneers. But what if milk was aggravating your acne and there was research to show it? Research shows milk aggravates acne. More research here and here. Dairy products increase insulin and insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) plasma levels which in […]

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