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how to cure acne

Relief After Years of Trial and Error (Success Story)

Today’s inspiring success story comes from our community member nimi (Nimisha), who in persevering with her fight against acne tried one product after another for years. In the end, isotretinoin came to her rescue. Be aware that isotretinoin is the last resort for acne and comes with its own share of side-effects. Nimisha here made an informed decision […]

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acne mantra clear skin story

A Heartfelt Acne Mantra Success Story

This success story comes from our community member Tejupriya who stumbled upon 2-3 months ago. Since then she has come far, not only pulling herself out of the acne trenches by devouring the information here and clearing her skin, but also helping others in her wake. * applause * Hi guys. This is my story […]

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How to clear acne using drugstore products

With Love from Bangladesh (Success Story)

This email was sent recently by our community member Anika who lives in Bangladesh. This girl read the blog back to back, came up with a routine and stuck to it. Now she is here, sharing her candid success story with all of us. * applause * Hello AM!!!! I am very happy with my skin […]

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how I got clear skin

Success Story of Clear Skin After Years of Acne

This success story comes from anujaaggarwal who achieved clear skin after battling with acne for a long time. After trying everything from antibiotics to chemical peels, she chose a skin care routine using products also mentioned in the Keracnyl Regimen and Starter Regimen. * applause for anujaaggarwal * Just wanted to share my story: I have been suffering from […]

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Story of fight with acne

My Fight with Acne [Community Contribution]

This heart-warming and candid story of her battles with acne comes from our community member Sai Sandhya. Her story is of hope, and knowing that it is never too late to beat acne at its game.  You can find Sai Sandhya regularly in the community area. Reach out to her especially if you have questions […]

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