Retro Fun: Jack Loses Acne (and How to Use Yeast for Pimples)

This is an advertisement from the 1930’s about a popular product called Fleischmann’s Yeast cakes. These cakes claimed to clear the skin by taking toxins away from the blood (blood purification). You were supposed to eat 3 yeast cakes per day to get rid of acne.

Fleischmann's Yeast for acne

yeast for acne does it workWhat is yeast? Yeast is a living microscopic organism which converts sugar or starch into alcohol and carbon dioxide. It is used to make bread, pizza, wine and beer.

Fleischmann’s Fresh Active Yeast is still sold in the United States and Canada. Baking aficionados can check them out

For more, see this newspaper article that appeared in The Gazette on May 16, 1922 that talks about the benefits of using Fleischmann’s Yeast for blackheads, pimples and boils.

active yeast cake for pimples

a yeast cake

People still use baker’s yeast as a supplement and face mask for relief from acne. Baker’s yeast is said to work by strengthening the digestion, much like probiotics.

A common way to use yeast for acne is to mix a spoon or two (or one packet) of active dry yeast in warm water and drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Wait for one hour before you eat or drink anything. Take it again at night about an hour or two after your dinner.

In India, Eagle is a popular brand of active dry yeast. What you really want is active yeast cakes, not active dry yeast granules, but this is worth a try for starters.

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