Clearing Acne Tougher Than Clearing IIT?

weekly-roundupEven on seemingly calm days, there is so much action going on behind the scenes that unless you have your ear to the ground (that is, you are subscribed to receive everything – comments, questions and blog posts on email) you’re missing some real powerful information that exchanges minds on Acne Mantra every day.

Here’s what you missed this week …

3 different moisturizers for many different needs (dry, stretchy, peeling, active acne).

An affordable substitute for Kaya Pigmentation Reducer Gel? Carofit Ultra mentioned in the Budget Regimen. I’m starting to think Carofit Ultra is the cat’s pajamas. This was confirmed by our community member zr_1312 who “swears by Carofit Ultra” to remove their dark spots. It combines both Prevent and Correct steps of the CPP Process in one single product.

Did we hit upon a possible HG aloe vera gel? Pesticide-free farming, no preservatives, 98% pure aloe vera plus green tea thrown into the rest 2%! Lightweight moisturizing with no breakouts. What’s not to like? The artificial lemony smell is what’s not to like. Other than that, it’s A-ok.

Makeup aficionados raked up a storm with blush and bronzer flying all around. And what started out as a spot treatment thread soon turned into a foundation class on foundations.

Rakesh wanted to know if he was imagining things about Cetaphil or if his suspicions were really true.

Sumit is of the view that getting rid of acne is tougher than getting through IIT/IIM. Agree?

What’s the difference between a face wash and a cleanser? It’s a trick question.

While hailed as the “the sunscreen for acne prone skin”, boys are not too happy with the stickiness of Suncote Gel. I hear you, I hear you. I’m on it. I’m already on the look out for sunscreens that will not make men’s naturally oilier skin look shiny. Just as I am looking for shaving foam options for you guys. And aftershaves. Just know that I’m working on it.

Coming to shaving, I’ve 3 new tips to share:  Try to use a foaming cleanser as a shaving foam. E.g. Himalaya Neem Purifying Foaming Face Wash. If your face wash does not foam up enough for shaving, try using a good old shaving brush to work up some lather. Try to shave quickly, otherwise the longer the cleanser remains on your skin, the drier it will leave it. More than a dozen shaving tips for acne prone skin here.

Mango season is going away. But is mango leaving acne spots behind?

What to do about the dreaded “Cannot Say” error on Skingredients app.

We turned the tables on table salt. Is salt or sodium chloride comedogenic or not?

That’s all folks. If you have your acne success story (or ongoing struggle story) to share with the rest of the community, fire up your engines and send me an email at

(HG = Holy Grail)

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